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THE SONG OF YOUR SOUL Sacred Wisdom Generator

THE SONG OF YOUR SOUL Sacred Wisdom Generator

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Universal Sound


First Chakra


This stack puts you on all levels into harmony with the song of your soul. After you have been put in harmony with the song of your soul, then you are in harmony with the sounds of the universe. Right now, on this Earth there is no human that has ever lived that has been in harmony with this sound of the universe - not even great beings, not even ascended masters. Ascended masters came into harmony with the song of their soul, which is why they became an ascended master. This is bigger than that. This is like having a very high spiritual master with you.


The first chakra is included because it grounds you back into your everyday life. It is wonderful for musicians, healers, and children. It opens up the intuition and the clairaudience, and clairsentience. It does activity in the brain. There is pressure inside of your ears like you are hearing something ultrasonic. This sonic hearing will come in spurts. It is like touching the creator. If you could touch the creator in a really physical way, this is how it would feel. This is so wonderful for somebody who is around a lot of people and a lot of different energies all of the time. Although they can have peace in privacy, this brings them privacy when they are around many people. It brings them peacefulness that is not contrived. They will feel peace even when they are in the midst of all kinds of chaos.


This helps them listen to their louder angelic voice. It also helps them listen louder to their little voice inside. It also brings about this change that starts very subtly that is like somebody tapping a beautiful little crystal bowl. They start off barely tapping it, making it a little louder as they go. It is harmonizing from the inside out. It is just this beautiful bell that keeps multiplying into this place of thoughtfulness.


It is an incredible energy of thoughtfulness. Most individuals would want to have this next to them so they feel that they can connect into ways that they have never connected into before. They can connect into knowledge and information. They will connect into their own inspiration saying, “they are that”.

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