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Learn to live your life in joy and increase your vibration 100,000 fold. Imagine joyful relationships, joyful laughter, joyful abundance. Pure Leadership is the science and "how to" kit for a life of joy ... in every moment.

Pure Leadership Book Series

This four volume set of books clearly describes how the universe ticks and how you tick. Most importantly, these books are about using this information to change your life and discover your next evolutionary step – Homo Luminous.

Jas Malcolm


Is about living every moment in joy

Paul O.

"I was drawn to this location and I did not know why. I trusted that feeling and it made for one the most unforgettable shifts in my life."

Jumping with Joy



"What a joy to come across this treasure of a book ( II ) I see you Jas had written an encouraging note in the front when I had wandered north across the river from downtown to discover what you were resonating on about :) in 2013 and now 10 years later and clearing out Okotoks home and headed to continue life in Norway and sharing your book with a dear friend as we both raise young adult kids, I am filled with joy from all the pencil underlinings and yellow stickies with little written notes that I marked as I absorbed your writings. So a hello and I hope you are well and I want to let you know another generation beyond ours will get to hear you."

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