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The Pure Leadership books clearly describe how the universe ticks, and how you tick. Most importantly, these books are about using this information to change your life and discover your next evolutionary step – Homo Luminous. You can think of these books as the owner's manual to being a soul on Planet Earth.

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*New to Pure Leadership are Sacred Wisdom Generators. Each one is hand made with crystals embedded in the resin plates. Click on the > to view and read their properties.

NEW 2023 EDITION! Revealing the immense unseen power of the reader. Everyone is free when they know who they really are. This book taps into the 99% of the reader that isn‘t seen and revitalizes it for them to embrace. Just reading this book changes the life of the reader as it ties together concepts that make life understandable. It is impossible to put down a book that reveals: How the reader chose to select Earth for this lifetime out of the 100 billion galaxies they could have chosen; and why that‘s important, The propitious changes that will see your life transformed beyond imagination these next 15 years; and why this enables you to understand why you‘re here, How sound acts to create your body; and how you can use that information to personally reprogram your DNA to change your body, How the physical is just a thermometer into what the greater you is all about; and how to harness that information to live every moment in joy, and The nature of the much misunderstood Life Force Energy that drives everything you experience, and how to harness it to experience new things. This book brings the reader back into the infinity that is them and inspires changing ones life in meaningful ways. Life and the universe ring with joy with the turn of every page. If you‘re only going to read one book this year, this is the book.

Revealing the mystery behind the great wobble that has sent humanity and the reader careening into a land of low vibration and pain. Building on the premise of Book I in this Trilogy of truth, this book plums the depths of the mystery of why life on planet Earth has wobbled to the point of humanity overseeing the killing of one-half of all living things in 100 short years. This book reads like a thriller as every strand of evidence leads you through why you‘ve been constrained to living to a fraction of your potential. It weaves together the energy lines that government and the church and the education system and western medicine and the financial system have woven to entrap the reader. Having taken us to the brink, it then explains cogently how these systems are now failing and will, in fact disappear. But it‘s not a story of apocalypse and it‘s not a book of platitudes of hope. It‘s an incisive insight into the current main event in the universe, a true story of why what emerges into our world is truly Heaven on Earth. The author pulls no punches in putting the record straight. Something I as a reader have known at some deep level for a long time. Like a seed of destruction ticking inside of me until the author pulls it out in the final chapters – when he exposes the great mystery. The book has given me a new foundation to understand everything around me for the first time ever. With that level of awareness I‘m empowered to act and own my own world. The King really does have no clothes when the author finishes, and the author shows how Camelot really does belong to me now. Although it was like drinking truth through a fire hose, I just couldn‘t put it down until I knew how it ended.

This, the third book in the Pure Leadership Trilogy launches me to a brand new place. The first two books in the Trilogy set the stage. In the first act it becomes clear that I am way more than I was ever told by my parents or taught in school. In the second act the mystery of the web is revealed to give me a broad awareness, but in this the third book, I felt I was being given the tools to emerge from a long sleep into shining armor. For the first time in my life I could understand how events had generated beliefs that stole my free will. I finally could grasp how a free will universe of infinite potential could be stolen from me inadvertently. But the exciting part is, I was then given tools to remove limitations that have bothered me my whole life, to regain sovereignty over my own personal free will universe. The book then showed me how to create big powerful beliefs. Beliefs that launched my new universe to places I‘d only dreamed about. This is a book that cuts through the new age mumbo jumbo and puts the truth of how things work on the line. I don‘t know how the author knows what he knows but he tells me how I know it too. I‘m inspired to be all that I can be, and I‘ve recommenced my love affair with the planet and why I came here. I find I‘m now aware of every little thing in life; in every moment. It‘s like I can see the molecules I‘ve created that are pulling me forward into what I want in life. I‘m inhaling new feelings daily and seeing the world through new eyes, eyes that shine with a blindingly bright future ... mine.

In this book you’ll get to reality in a most meaningful way. The first insight is to understand that although every member of humanity has a different reality, the single reality is the methodology by which you and every person creates their reality: through what they “think”. However, this is not another book about positive thinking. It’s about instantly transforming your life to be all that you can be. Delve deeply into how consciousness works including understanding the historical development of the subconscious mind and why this very powerful mind is actually “negative”. This book opens new ground on how consciousness works but is not an academic work. It provides real life methods to change your reality. To change your subconscious by merging your “guards at the door” and your “overrider” back into your holographic mind. When you do the work of this book your life changes in profound ways because it’s the “guards at the door” that have been maintaining your negative belief systems to keep you in survival. Survival is good but thriving is massively better. This book details how to move from surviving into thriving, including the promotion of the survival mind which is created between ages one and six. Your survival mind is the one that taught you all about conditional love. It’s time to promote your survival mind and move in to unconditional love. You’ll receive poignant new information on brain states and an in depth fun tour of all of the ‘minds’ that impact your world. Your cognitive mind as a tuner, your subconscious mind as negative influence and saboteur, your positive higher mind, your interfering ego filter, your emotional body, your intuitive mind. Revealed is how all of your minds work, and most importantly, how to change them so you can live in joy in every moment. You’ll also learn how your Matrix is made up of your beliefs and how to change the thousands of beliefs that construct your Matrix in a fast and efficient fashion by merging your “overrider” and then choosing a new archetype. The objective of this book is to assist you into a life of supply (abundance), rapture, bliss (a logarithmic increase over joy) and love. Time to tap into your new life.

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