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Meet Jas Malcolm

Jas is passionate about helping us all to realize our full potential and homo luminous nature.


When people want to know about Jas Malcolm's background and what qualifies him to write his wide-ranging books, Jas is always quick to point out that he has no special qualifications. It is very important for the reader to understand this statement because it means the books are written by someone who has the same qualifications as themselves.​


What enabled Jas to write the books was his dedication to using the exercises in the books to enable him to attain the level of vibration and awareness described in the books, the awareness which moves you past the cognitive mind state and survival mind of humanity, into the higher mind state. From the higher mind state one accesses the holographic mind which enables them to access all of the information of the universe.


The goal of the books is to assist all readers to achieve this same state. ​Jas considers himself to be reasonably well read and he honours all of the people mentioned in his books. These are the shoulders upon which Jas stands. ​


As Jas points out in his books it took him more than 40 years to undo the damage of his education. It required him to succeed in business to escape the low vibration of the financial system. His formal university education is in economics and law.


Having excelled in the practice of law he became a Merchant Banker before building a software business that revolutionized the Canadian oil industry. In that business and through his sponsoring of a physicist, and sitting as an advisor to an alternative research centre in medicine, Jas has assured himself ample exposure to mainstream scientific thinking. ​Nevertheless, he repeatedly delivers a fundamental message: "I am the same as the reader. Everything I've achieved financially, health-wise and intellectually is available to every reader. They simply must take what resonates with them as truth from these books and use it. I guarantee using this information will change their lives in dramatic ways."


Is about living every moment in joy

Paul O.

"I was drawn to this location and I did not know why. I trusted that feeling and it made for one the most unforgettable shifts in my life."

Jumping with Joy



"What a joy to come across this treasure of a book ( II ) I see you Jas had written an encouraging note in the front when I had wandered north across the river from downtown to discover what you were resonating on about :) in 2013 and now 10 years later and clearing out Okotoks home and headed to continue life in Norway and sharing your book with a dear friend as we both raise young adult kids, I am filled with joy from all the pencil underlinings and yellow stickies with little written notes that I marked as I absorbed your writings. So a hello and I hope you are well and I want to let you know another generation beyond ours will get to hear you."



"I just started to read Change is Natural. I'm 51 pages in and I already feel different! Such powerful information! I sat and did the Stillness State Exercise and felt a huge energetic shift."

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