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Change is Natural NEW 2023 Edition

Change is Natural NEW 2023 Edition

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*Formerly 'Changing The Universe Begins With You'


This, the third book in the Pure Leadership Trilogy launches me to a brand new place.


The first two books in the Trilogy set the stage. In the first act it becomes clear that I am way more than I was ever told by my parents or taught in school. In the second act the mystery of the web is revealed to give me a broad awareness, but in this the third book, I felt I was being given the tools to emerge from a long sleep into shining armor.


For the first time in my life I could understand how events had generated beliefs that stole my free will. I finally could grasp how a free will universe of infinite potential could be stolen from me inadvertently. But the exciting part is, I was then given tools to remove limitations that have bothered me my whole life, to regain sovereignty over my own personal free will universe. The book then showed me how to create big powerful beliefs. Beliefs that launched my new universe to places I‘d only dreamed about.


This is a book that cuts through the new age mumbo jumbo and puts the truth of how things work on the line. I don‘t know how the author knows what he knows but he tells me how I know it too.

I‘m inspired to be all that I can be, and I‘ve recommenced my love affair with the planet and why I came here. I find I‘m now aware of every little thing in life; in every moment. It‘s like I can see the molecules I‘ve created that are pulling me forward into what I want in life. I‘m inhaling new feelings daily and seeing the world through new eyes, eyes that shine with a blindingly bright future ... mine.

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