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ENLIGHTENMENT Sacred Wisdom Generator

ENLIGHTENMENT Sacred Wisdom Generator

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Element of Fire

Knowingness of God

Crystal Clarity

Supreme Discernment

Divine Knowingness

Third Chakra

Element of Air


This ‘stack’ dissolves the dogma within you so that you reach into the truth. The truth is that which is “the Creator”. This truth is reflecting back to you information that has been held pristine forever.


It is the knowingness of the Creator in such a way that it takes you beyond words. It is an all-encompassing feeling that truly reaches you back in to a state of nirvana.

It assists you in reaching a state of enlightenment.


You will be in a place where there is nothing to fear and fear does not exist. There is not even a thought of fear or even the word ‘fear’. There is no thought that anything could harm you or go wrong. This is a place that most people have never entered in to. The logical mind would think that this place could not exist. It is not logical and has to be experienced. This stack works with all of your chakras and meridian points.


Your brain is being activated and your cellular structure is working with what is in your DNA. It tends to open the doorway so that there is a connection between your brain, cells and your DNA. It works with all of the old coping skills that have been hidden in your DNA. You can learn that old dogma keeps you limited and is not necessarily the truth.


The energy is soft and dissolves you in to the light. It is like being filled with a cloud of light and bathes your emotions. It is very gentle, yet consistent to the body. So the knowing of the Creator is an experience and something that you feel.


This knowingness becomes the breath inside your body. It helps you feel invincible. It also helps you have excellent timing. Each of your movements feels so natural and flowing because you are immersed in to that divine energy. You become fully aware of what every thought and action is creating.


This stack also opens up the enormous realm of possibilities. You don’t go out and do something, it comes to you. The avenue for it to come to you is put in front of you. When it is time for you to act, you act. It opens you up to receive. It has a cascading waterfall effect on you that is very beautiful.


This is a good stack to put near employees at a company. Put it in a room that they spend time in. It brings out the Creator in all of us. It brings about synchronicity and flow. It takes what you have known about the Creator; and, it does not make what your previous understanding of the Creator wrong, but, it elevates it. It is like a flower opening up inside of you.

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