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Lift the Veils to Reality

Lift the Veils to Reality

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In this book you’ll get to reality in a most meaningful way. The first insight is to understand that although every member of humanity has a different reality, the single reality is the methodology by which you and every person creates their reality: through what they “think”. However, this is not another book about positive thinking. It’s about instantly transforming your life to be all that you can be.


Delve deeply into how consciousness works including understanding the historical development of the subconscious mind and why this very powerful mind is actually “negative”. This book opens new ground on how consciousness works but is not an academic work. It provides real life methods to change your reality. To change your subconscious by merging your “guards at the door” and your “overrider” back into your holographic mind.


When you do the work of this book your life changes in profound ways because it’s the “guards at the door” that have been maintaining your negative belief systems to keep you in survival. Survival is good but thriving is massively better. This book details how to move from surviving into thriving, including the promotion of the survival mind which is created between ages one and six. Your survival mind is the one that taught you all about conditional love. It’s time to promote your survival mind and move in to unconditional love.


You’ll receive poignant new information on brain states and an in depth fun tour of all of the ‘minds’ that impact your world. Your cognitive mind as a tuner, your subconscious mind as negative influence and saboteur, your positive higher mind, your interfering ego filter, your emotional body, your intuitive mind.


Revealed is how all of your minds work, and most importantly, how to change them so you can live in joy in every moment.


You’ll also learn how your Matrix is made up of your beliefs and how to change the thousands of beliefs that construct your Matrix in a fast and efficient fashion by merging your “overrider” and then choosing a new archetype. The objective of this book is to assist you into a life of supply (abundance), rapture, bliss (a logarithmic increase over joy) and love.


Time to tap into your new life.

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