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OVERFLOWING CUP Sacred Wisdom Generator

OVERFLOWING CUP Sacred Wisdom Generator

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Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra


This stack is good for people to raise their self esteem and it is good for people who are facing cancer. It could be considered that cancer comes about because of certain thinking.

People with cancer have often struggled so much to be themselves. They count on themselves and attempt to be number one in their own lives. Often they have not found their voice and refrain from speaking up. They don’t realize that they should set boundaries.  Often they do not realize how precious they are as human beings. Therefore, the stack can help someone’s self esteem. It can make you feel as though you are in the arms of Mother Mary.


It is like being loved and helps you realize that you are a very special person. You are important and your purpose here is also important. Knowing this opens up pathways and opportunities to express that into the world over the long term. This allows a person to be a well-spring of love. Everyone loves them and they love everyone. From that love comes an incredible power and confidence and perfection. With that, nobody of darkness could ever touch them or hurt them because they would get swallowed up by all of that light.


Someone who has this stack around them learns to master the “cup over flowing.”

It is really the most wonderful thing about this stack. The more you are around this stack, the more happy you become, because when you are truly into that “I am important and I do matter” the cancer goes away.


The illness goes away because it is remembering that the body is a person. It remembers that the body is a miracle. A miracle without gratitude and love creates disease.


It is truly being able to see that this person is a miracle, this body is a miracle, and there is a specialness of gaining self esteem.

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