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Rediscovering Who You Really Are NEW 2023 Edition

Rediscovering Who You Really Are NEW 2023 Edition

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Revealing the immense unseen power of the reader.


Everyone is free when they know who they really are. This book taps into the 99% of the reader that isn‘t seen and revitalizes it for them to embrace. Just reading this book changes the life of the reader as it ties together concepts that make life understandable.


It is impossible to put down a book that reveals:

  • How the reader chose to select Earth for this lifetime out of the 100 billion galaxies they could have chosen; and why that‘s important,
  • The propitious changes that will see your life transformed beyond imagination these next 15 years; and why this enables you to understand why you‘re here,
  • How sound acts to create your body; and how you can use that information to personally reprogram your DNA to change your body,
  • How the physical is just a thermometer into what the greater you is all about; and how to harness that information to live every moment in joy, and
  • The nature of the much misunderstood Life Force Energy that drives everything you experience, and how to harness it to experience new things.

This book brings the reader back into the infinity that is them and inspires changing ones life in meaningful ways. Life and the universe ring with joy with the turn of every page. If you‘re only going to read one book this year, this is the book.

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