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THE BUDDHA STACK - Sacred Wisdom Generator

THE BUDDHA STACK - Sacred Wisdom Generator

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Wakeful Mind

All Divine Protection Magnified


This stack brings to you the energy of the Buddha which embodies clarity with compassion.

This stack helps you truly emanate the energy of compassion into you along with a sense of deep mindfulness. You are mindful of your actions and of your speaking. It is the stack of ‘no harm’.


It is perfect for someone who has to be very diplomatic or very tactful. The ‘stack’ helps you word things in such a way that as you speak you will not harm others with your words, nor will you create any type of resistance.


This stack moves through the entire chakra system. It brings forth the patterning and the remembrance of who you are in your light and in the truth of your soul.


The journey of Enlightenment is not enlightenment itself, but sitting with this stack can bring forth Enlightenment. Enlightenment is when you feel at one with the Creator in such a deep way that you understand without knowing how. You can understand that oneness is so complete, so powerful, so present, that you are not far away from that.


This stack is good for a writer or a speaker because they will receive profound messages.

Over time, an individual will find that they will have deeper and deeper meditations.

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