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Who's in Charge of the Powerful You and Why That's Changing

Who's in Charge of the Powerful You and Why That's Changing

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Revealing the mystery behind the great wobble that has sent humanity and the reader careening into a land of low vibration and pain.


Building on the premise of Book I in this Trilogy of truth, this book plums the depths of the mystery of why life on planet Earth has wobbled to the point of humanity overseeing the killing of one-half of all living things in 100 short years.


This book reads like a thriller as every strand of evidence leads you through why you‘ve been constrained to living to a fraction of your potential. It weaves together the energy lines that government and the church and the education system and western medicine and the financial system have woven to entrap the reader. Having taken us to the brink, it then explains cogently how these systems are now failing and will, in fact disappear. But it‘s not a story of apocalypse and it‘s not a book of platitudes of hope. It‘s an incisive insight into the current main event in the universe, a true story of why what emerges into our world is truly Heaven on Earth.


The author pulls no punches in putting the record straight. Something I as a reader have known at some deep level for a long time. Like a seed of destruction ticking inside of me until the author pulls it out in the final chapters – when he exposes the great mystery.


The book has given me a new foundation to understand everything around me for the first time ever. With that level of awareness I‘m empowered to act and own my own world.


The King really does have no clothes when the author finishes, and the author shows how Camelot really does belong to me now. Although it was like drinking truth through a fire hose, I just couldn‘t put it down until I knew how it ended.


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