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YES I CAN! Sacred Wisdom Generator

YES I CAN! Sacred Wisdom Generator

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Creatively Inspired to Promote Balance ... Harmony ... Peace ... For You


Created from Holographic Discs of:
* Divine Light
* Courage
* Divine Supply


This Sacred Wisdom Generator is a great motivator because it allows you to see a project to completion. It does this by balancing the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

It helps you to maintain an uplifted mood during the process of completing the task.

It brings in synchronicity and the beautiful flow from one activity to another. You are mastering the "yes, I can" attitude!


It is a stack of billionaire thinking in all areas of your life. You were created to do these things. It is coming into the wonderful energy of, "yes, I can"!


This is good for those who have a goal, a health problem, and who are starting a business. It is also good for those completing school or finishing a big project. It keeps building an energy of the sense of "yes, I can" because it unblocks obstacles that could potentially prevent you from completing something.


You will begin to resonate with what the Sacred Wisdom Generator resonates. Keep your stack where you are most of the time.

These Sacred Wisdom Generators realign your soul to the wisdom that you have chosen. The wisdom is pulsated by the Sacred Wisdom generator 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in synchrony with the rhythm of the Universe.

Each holographic disk contains the prayers and wisdom of what you have selected, and the combination of disks working together creates the outcome.


In physics terms the generator pulsates with the rhythm of the Universe, generating a powerful energetic vortex. The vortex created is a standing wave which is consistently broadcasting the Wisdom and vibrating your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. With time, through the process of organic absorbtion, you come to resonate with the become the Wisdom...and you become the generator.


Each holographic disk takes some 20 days to create, including setting time, inter-dimensional energetic work, and buffing and sanding. Terry Tupper delivers each holographic disk and combination to you with great delight for your HomoLuminous journey.


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